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The Battleground is a new PvP game mode where you can participate in exciting battles using your combat and tactical skills. Both your performance and the teamwork are important. On the Battleground beside the Battle Points and achievements, you can get Gold and EXP too, so you will be able to develop your character by this game mode too.

You can join the different battles either alone or with your group. The randomly selected teams can defeat each other, defend strategic points and capture crystals, according to the type of the battle. The system checks your level and your earlier performance on the Battleground to sort the teams. During the losses and wins, your Experience Points and Gold will increase, so you can develop your character even if you like only this game type.

You can enter from level 6 (immediately after you finished the tutorial map), so if you do not like the quests and the fight against the monsters, then from the first moment you can choose this game mode and the development by the battles against others.

The system sorts the teams based on the abilities, levels and earlier results on the Battleground. After the sign up for the Battleground, the system will move you a waiting list, and if there are enough characters, the system will inform all the players. After it, there is a small amount of time (60-90 seconds, depend on the battle type) to teleport and prepare for the battle: you can hide or stand out an open place, etc. After this time, the battle begins with the tasks according to the selected game mode.

You can choose from 4 different battle modes on the Battleground. The different tasks, the randomly selected companions and opponents will make the battle to be unique. The 4 battle types:
Pont.png Domination: Capture and keep strategic points with your team.
Pont.png Power Hunting: Charge the randomly appeared crystals with your team and prevent the another team to do it.
Pont.png Deathmatch: Kill as many opponents as you can with your team and get points in exchange for it. The team which collect the most points will be the winner.
Pont.png Last Man Standing: All vs all, the last surviving player is the winner.

You can join on the Lobby surface. You can access it by the Battleground icon Bg ikon.png in the bottom right corner of the user interface, or by the hotkey ’B’.
If you do not want to participate in the fight, you can watch the battles as a spectator!

Beside the results, there will be an achievement system with several statistics, and later with military ranks. Furthermore, you will get a new Battle Shop too where you will be able to buy items for your Battle Points.

The players can rate each other based on the behaviour on the Battleground. This is the Karma System. The rating (-1/+1) will be added to the player's karma. The players with bad karma will start with disadvantage, e.g. they will get fewer Battle Point at the end of the battle.



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