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Once upon a time when the empire was still strong, the empire had an elite army called the Zentias. The Zentias were special warriors with special abilities and equipments, only the strongest could get in this elite company! When Meteor Stones started to fall from the sky and started spreading evil across the land, the Zentia General gave the orders to its elite forces to destroy every Meteor Stone in the empire and to stop the spread of evil. The source of Zentia soliders’ powers were unknown, but at this time a separatist warlord lived who was the sworn enemy of the empire, his name was Wu Zhein the ruthless soulhunter. Wu Zhein, with the help of his spies, discovered the source of the Zentias’ strength. Their magic was hidden in their Helms which is enchanted and blessed by the DragonGod during the ritual of recruiting a new member into the elite clan. Wu Zhein wanted to uncover the secret of Zentias and wanted the power for himself, but now knowing about the dangerous mission of the Zentias, the warlord thought out a plan. With the help of his spies, he spread the rumour of an ancient city behind the mountains which is the source of the Meteor Stones and because of this the Zentia army headed that way. The Zentias got misleaded… There was a secret city but it was the main fortress of Wu Zhein where he grew his powers and army far away from the main Empire. The Zentia elite forces walked into the trap! 30 000 Wu Zhein warriors were waiting for the Zentia army which had barely 1000 members! The Zentia elite forces did not hesitate and went into the battle with drawn sword and fearlessly shouting their Emperor’s name although the enemy was overpowered 30 times! Warlord Wu Zhein was amazed by how his mighty army was slowly dying while his opponent had barely any loss so far! The legends are true, a Zentia warrior can not be defeated with a sword! But Wu Zhein had an ally: a mighty witch! Although the evil army seemed overpowered, they can lose the battle, so the witch casted her most powerful poison cloud spell on the battlefield and killed both armies. The battle ended! Everyone died in this epic battle, but the warlord did not care, he collected the 1000 Zentia Helms with satisfaction!

This battle was long ago, the Empire fallen into 3 parts since then. Nobody heard anything about the Zentia Helms or from Wu Zhein and his ally Witch, nor the place where the battle was fought! One thing is sure, as the Meteor Stones got weaker and the empires got stronger, this story comes up more and more times in taverns and town squares, and for heroes all around the empires it is clear that they need the Zentias’ blessed magical Helms to defeat the Meteor Stones once and for all. Go! Fight! Fight and defeat the dark demonic and crazed beasts! Search for the Zentia Helms! May your journey be lucky and successful and find the powerful helms witch give mighty strenght and power for its users!

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