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Kurt Şaman Ormanı


Dranavar, the DragonGod’s high-ranking priest left the city which was protected by strong walls. He went to the close field. He would like to be alone a bit. He had to clear his thought and find out the next step. He did not like to lose, in this case he tried to find the weak point of the opponents to take revenge. In the morning, he believed in the truth and that he will be able to convince his companions that the change is needed. But he had to be disappointed in the silly and narrow-minded companions. They did not understand him.

Three days ago, when he was walking in the forest, then happened what he called only enlightenment. It changed his life forever. On that day, he was lost in his thought and did not notice where he is. He was in the depth of the forest but he did not afraid, he knew the forest well. He had already collected some herbs. He decided, he will have a rest and lied on the ground. If he gathered some strength, he will go home. But he fell into a slumber

Was it a dream or a vision, he did not know. But when he awakened, he was sure that his life got a new aim. He did not hesitated, he started to work immediately.

He did not know that this vision came from a higher power that wants to control him. A long-forgotten god possessed his body without his knowledge to awaken a long-forgotten dark religion amoung the people. It can be revieved again if the followers pray to the god. This god was the WolfGod.

Dranavar awakened and went home. First he called the DragonGod’s priests to discuss the need of reforming of the order. He could not know that his thoughts were reigned by an ancient god who tried to take over the power. Dranavar believed that he did everything for his DragonGod and he did not understand and did not accept that the council rejected his words. He left the city humiliated and wanted to take revenge.

In the depth of the forest, on a close field, a ritual began. As the midnight approached, the full moon and the stars flooded the place with light. Dranavar, who was obsessed by the WolfGod prepared for the ritual. He spoke in a long-forgotten language, it was similar to a wolf’s shout. He made a potion from berries and mushrooms and began his crazy dance around the fire.

The WolfShaman was changed. His look was not the same as the civilized look of the high-ranking DragonGod’s priest. He was very picky earlier but it is disappeared now. He looked like a highwayman. His hair was scruffy and his cape was dirty. There were wolf tooth in his neck. He held the WolfShaman’s staff in his right hand. Dranavar became the child of the nature.

The ritual had an another participant. Near the fire, a huge gray wolf was tied to a stone. If it could, it would tear Dranavar to pieces. It did not know that it will be the WolfShaman’s loyal servant after the ritual.

After some hours, the rising sun’s rays flooded a smoldering fire with light. If the darkness disappeared, we could see a stunned – or died – man in wolf skin dress, near him there was a huge wolf who was waiting loyally. The ritual was successful. The wolf was unpatient and was waiting for the awakening his lord to receive the first command.

People think the wolves avoid the humans but it seemed it has changed now. If they are in group, they attacked the humans easily. The survivors said that the attackers were half human and half monster creatures. Maybe, they were only too frightened and could not see the reality.

There is one more thing that frightens the inhabitants. Sometimes, somebody from the region or from the city disappears. They are not weak and helpless preys, they are strong and trained men, often important people of the city. Nobody knows what happens with them.

Dranavar was standing in his hideaway and thinking about the next steps. Everything happens according to the plan so far. He remembered to the first ritual with pleasure. He saw a miracle there. The mutant wolf kill all the male wolves and the femals surrendered to it and its broods will born soon.

The newly born wolves was not as same as their mother. Their bodies were stronger and their nature was more ferocious than the simple gray wolves. They were the broods of the mutant wolf, half animals and half monsters. They were walking in group and attacked from hiding. They felt that the day is coming when they will take a revenge on the hated humans. They will be Dranavar’s soldiers if the final battle arrives. Until that day they have to increase their numbers.

It was only the beginning. Dranavar was looking on the servants, body guards and followers, with a smile on his face. They were humans earlier but they did not remember it. Dranavar lured them to the forest and charmed them with black magic. This magic killed their human nature and changed them to the WolfShaman’s servants. Their bodies were half human and half wolf. Thick hairs covered their body, their human head changed into wolf head, they were walking on two feet and had dangerous wolf paws. They were Dranavar’s loyal servants and had only one task: protect the WolfShaman and kill everybody who find the hideaway or try to defeat their lord.

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