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Algarun’Novanga looked around and thought that everything is prepared for the summoning ritual. Around him, many torches and candles lightened the small cave. The summoning mage was standing in the centre of the floor which was drawed with strange lines. He said the magical words continuosly. He knew if ha made a mistake and say a word wrong, the ritual will be failed. Algarun was at the end of his 30’s. He was not too old but his knowledge could compare with an older mage’s abilities. He has been learning magic for more than 30 years. There was only one problem: something - which people called evil - poisoned the mage’s soul already in his childhood. This evil increased and developed together with Algarun’s magical power. The nice and polite child became a jealous man who was hungry for the power. He was hardly 20 years old when he caused deadly injury for an opponent on the Mages’ Tournament because he broke the rules which grant that the mages do not get seroius injuries. Algarun showed his evil side already there but his family saved him from the punishment in exchange for a huge amount of money. Later in the mage school, he caused the death of one of his companions and then there was no turning back. Since that day, he hated his birthplace and family, and he wanted to take revenge. He prepared for this ritual since he was born. He knew that the summoning magic is that by which he can get power. With a summoned servant, nobody can stop him. If he succeeded now, he will get a power which nobody can defeat. Only some hours remained and then the lord of the underworld, the Reaper God will serve him. The hours elapsed slowly and Algarun was reading the magic words from the old parchment. Suddenly the ritual finished. Algarun looked up and saw a small light point in 2 metres from himself. It’s size started to increase and finally the ball burst. Algarun turned away then turned back to see what happened. He felt joy when he looked at the Reaper God. He felt the odor of the after-life while he saw the Reaper God.
‘Finally, it is succeeded. You does not have power in this world. I summoned you, you will be my servant and do what I want,’ Algarun said confidently and looked in the figure’s deadly eyes.
‘What are you doing, mortal? You are only a conceited man. I arrived here because I wanted it so. It was only a incautious thing from you that you help me in it. I planned long ago to get this world. Let’s see who serves whom?’ the voice told it screeched as it comes from the depth of the graves. The Reaper God’s skeleton hand pointed Algarun and the god said some ancient words. A black light appeared and strike Algarun’s chest. The mage felt like he is burning alive, and his skin and flesh peel from his skeleton. He could not shout. After some moments, he did not feel anything.
‘Leave, my servant. We have lots of thing to do. It will take much time to conquer this weak but enormous world,’ the Reaper God said to his skeleton servant who was Algarun earlier. Algarun could not do anything so followed his lord.

The Reaper God’s power has been increasing for many years. Nobody could remain in life in his territory. Undeads reigned this region and killed the local inhabitants. The increasing horde conquered more and more settlements, farms and cities. If they tried to protect themselves, the ancient god’s power was only increasing. All dead men became the Reaper God’s servant by the god’s touch. They performed the god’s commands without opposition.

The catastrophe happened 25 years later after the Reaper God’s arrived. According to the wises and experienced adventurers, they have to give free way to the horde and a small group which has magical and fighting experience attack the leader by the undead creatures’ horde. But Agataj, the warlord of the region, did not accept this plan. He was a brave and excellent soldier and did not have to much fantasy or imagination so he clung to the old and often tried plans. If the opponent is too strong, then the solution is a bigger army! Agataj’s messengers were walking throughout to gather everyone who could be useful in the battle. Agataj’s aim was a large army which nobody seen so far. If they succeeded, then it could be the glory for him.
Agataj made a big mistake. If they can not defeat the Reaper God with the first attack, they will not have more chance. The dead soldiers will become the god’s servants and will make the god’s horde sronger. The fame and the glory deluded the general and finally the whole region lost.

Orzun’Novanga started to move slowly to the enormous temple. He thought Reaper God will be there. He tried to avoid the undeads and surprise the god to kill him with the help of the blade which was blessed by the DragonGod. Orzun trusted in his ability and his experience, and believed in he will be able to defeat the Reaper God. At least, he will try it. Orzun reached the entrance of the temple. He looked into the inside of the dark building cautiously. He saw a T formed corridor. Light came from the left side, maybe there were some torches. He started to go there. There was only one problem: at the half of the corridor, two skeleton-like creatures were standing. They seemed like a statue, but Orzun knew the undead are able to stay motionless. The living people were not able to do it because of their heart beat, chest and nose moving. The two undeads were probably guardians. Orzun looked around, then caught a stone pieces and throw the stone towards the temple’s inside. The skeletons heard the knock and started to search for the source of the noise. During that time, Orzun started to run and pulled his blade out – people call it GiantSlayer -, the blade glowed with yellow light and the DragonGod’s magic came to life. Orzun was incredibly fast and strike one to the fist opponent. The skeleton fell into pieces. The another one turned towards Orzun and tried to defend Orzun’s strike. Only the perfect, strong strike was effective now, the stab could not cause any damage for a skeleton… Orzun had a plan and the second skeleton fell for it. Orzon defended the skeleton’s first strike and cut down the hands which held the sword. The skeleton could move yet but it did not matter. Orzun ran to the end of the corridor. Orzon was looking at the skeleton-like phenomenon in the centre of the small room, the light danced on the blade of his scythe. The warlord went to the back of the Reaper God, moved his fingers to held the sword stonger, took a deep breath and started to attack. The Reaper God pointed at him, shouted a magic word and Orzun felt his body became paralized. The scythe moved and striked Orzun’s chest. The GiantSlayer knocked on the floor and Orzun felt nothing anymore.

The centuries elapsed, the Reaper God’s power and empire were increasing. The people who survived the attacks refuged to the bigger cities but even they were destroyed continuosly because of the undead’s attacks. Only one city Watadis remained. Vanaton’Solon arrived to the city with some loyal soldiers some days ago. Vanaton’s aim was to defeat the main opponent, the Reaper God. He knew everyone failed, but he tried to believe in himself that he will be able to save his people and get glory for the Solon Dynasty. There were four soldiers in Vanaton’s escort who served the Solon Dynasty loyally. First, Vanaton told them his plan in Watadis. The soldiers were shocked first but finally all of them offered their service, sword and life to Vanaton. He did not accepted them. He did not worry about himself, but did not wanted to bear the consequences of his decision if the plan would be unsuccessful. The soldiers started begging that he do not start it alone. They told him the danger which will wait for him and if the mission would be unsuccessfully then the dynasty will be very desperate and sad. Vanaton thanked for his soldiers’ fear but he had already decided. He said goodbye the soldiers, had a long rest and in the first hours of the dawn he left the city to faces his destiny alone.

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