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Talin’Rasan was in her 40’s. She was a very honoured person by everyone. She likes the sciences, including the alchemy and the magic. She was noted for her excellent intellect and quick perception. Her advices were very useful. She could say good suggestion when nobody can say anything. Talin spent more and more time with the alchemy and the magic. She was only interested in them. Sometimes, she spent more days alone in her laboratory. After some years, she became a scruffy, haggish and lean woman. Only alembics, magical records and drinks, and egzotic herbs existed in her world. She did not mean danger for the members of the dynasty so they only order some servants beside Talin who were watching her. This time, Talin changed totally and became very strange when she started to be interested in the spiders. She told to a servants sometimes that she is the emperor of the spiders. She had more hundred spiders in his laboratory. She fed them and spoke with them. Talin felt that her work finished. The magical drink was done. Talin just watched the light green liquid, it will be the potion what will give glory to her and her spiders. Talin hid the drink in her pocket and some spider into a box. She prepared for the escape which she planned for months. She hated the world which was reigned by the humans. She wanted to reach the huge catacomb under the city and finish her experiment.

Volkam and his two companions were walking in the depth of the catacomb under the city for 20 minutes. They were the maintenance workers of the channel system. There is a small lampe in one of their hands and some tools in their other hand in the case of they find anything which they have to repair. Volkam liked his work. It was easy and he could do it undisturbed for good salary. Sometimes they found corpses, it was the most notable thing what happened here. But it seemed even it will be only a simple day. Then they suddenly listened to a strange scratching noise. They stopped and tried to listen. They heard nothing so continued the way. But newer noise came from their back. There were several insects or smaller rodents in the channels which could cause noise but it was something else. Volkam found that they did not see small animals here today. Where did they disappear?
‘What do you think, what it is?’ Barakan asked, who was one of the companions of Volkam.
‘I do not know, I have never heard something like this before. Maybe we have to investigate it,’ the third man said timidly. They wanted never to hear this noise again. But the noise came again and from more places. As small foot were coming toward them… They became very scared and tried to be prepared for the worst. Then they saw them.
Huge spiders appeared in the light of the lamps. The maintenance workers shouted and ran… Later Volkam could not explain how he fought against the spider as he would have a miraculous power and how could he run faster than a horse. They reached the surface where the people did not surmize what are in the depth. Volkam ran to the city guard and tell them the story. It was a bit confusing for the guard and they did not understood Volkam. Volkam remembered clearly when the spiders sorrounded his companions and they gave up the fight.

Hunagan led his group into the depth. Their task was very extraordinally and strange. They had to go to the catacomb and kill every non-human and dangerous creatures. The commander of the city guard said Hunagan that some kind of huge spiders will be there probably. The commader thought the maintenance worker drunk to much and did not believe in his story. But they received the command so they have to go. They were walking for half an hour but they did not find anything. Then after a sharp turn, strange noise came from multiple directions. The group stopped and tried to find from where came the noise but they could not figure it out. Suddenly spiders appeared everywhere. The fight was quick and bloody. The soldiers were able to fend off the spiders’ first attack with the help of their shields and caused serious damage to the spiders with their swords. Hunagan was satisfied, but he had to see that the number of the spiders is too many and his people died continuously. Newer and newer spiders appeared. Hunagan measured the possibilities and he determined they did not have a chance to escape. If they had to die then they will kill as many spiders as they can. They fought bravely. The anger gave them more power. When only a handful of soldiers remained, a strange and hoarse voice was heard. The spiders stopped to attack. The soldiers did not understand what happened, then a haggish figure appeared behind the spiders.
‘It will be better if you put down your weapon. If you do not do it, my spider children will kill you.’
‘Who are you and why do not the spiders kill you?’ Hunagan asked.
‘It does not mean anything anymore who I was. They will not hurt me. I created them. I am their emperor. Why must I be afraid of them?’ the figure asked and caressed a spider. Hunagan thought this woman is crazy. But it seemed the spiders really do not hurt her and what is more they execute her commands.
‘And why would we put down our weapons?’ the commander asked finally.
‘Why should more people die? Just put down your weapons and you will see the secrets of my underground empire. If you continue the fight, the spiders will kill you. I will not stop them,’ the man said. Hunagan knew they do not have other chance.
‘So be it! We put down the weapons,’ replied.
‘It is a pleasure that your mind led you instead of your heart. Come and see your new home.’
It happened more than twenty years ago. Hunagan and his companions served the spiders’ emperor Talin’Rasan. They never had a possibility to escape or attack. Without weapons they can not hurt the crazy mage who was protected by the spiders. They had to serve the emperor and abandoned all hope that they will have normal life again.

Atagan holding his sword walked carefully in the catacombs. Behind him, the mage Rahin and the shaman Ugotaj were walking. They were a team for five years and defeated every opponent and obstackle so far. Nevertheless, they always were carefully. It is the most difficult mission which they ever accepted. If they succeed, they will get great rewards. The emperor’s servants advertised throughout that the adventurers who clear the catacombs and inform the emperor about the city guard will be greatly rewarded. The city guard went to the catacombs some days ago and they did not return since then. Atagan heard some noise so signaled to his companions to slow. They were walking carefully. The huge spiders started to attack them from two sides. Rahin and Ugotaj tried to protect their companions with magic. But the spiders were stonger than Atagan thought. First the mage Rahin was killed, then Ugotaj. Atagan continued the fight. He did not want to lose. But it happened. His opponents could not protect him anymore and the spiders sorrounded him. Atagan shouted a last. A strange thing happened then. Atagan’s spirit floated above his physical body. Men say the spirits which strongly bounded to the life, do not go to the after-life after their death. Their spirit remain in this world. The spirit can see and hear everything but it can not interact with the real world.
‘Well, well! There is a spirit here! Who are you that you can not go to the after-life?’ Talin arrived and asked it.
‘I am Atagan who killed every opponent so far. It will even after!’ the warrior said confidently. Probably he did not accept or understand the truth. The crazy mage smiled only.
‘You can not do anything in this world. You will be only a spirit here. We go now. We have to take a rest to prepare for the next brainless attack. Due to you and your companions, my spiders get fresh food.’ Talin turned and disappeared in the darkness of the catacombs. The spiders spinned web around the corpses and dragged them to the depth. Atagan was not able to do anything but he will have time to think.

The emperor tried to do one more thing. He asked for the DragonPriests’ help. If they succeed, they would get much glory and their position would be most important in the empire. Almost thirty priest with strong magic power and excellent equipments were gathered. The leader of the expedition had a powerful relic Dragon Broadsword which was blessed by fearful magic ability. They swore an oath for the emperor and the people of the empire on killing the evil in the catacombs and they will be safe again. But it does not matter. It was not enough against Talin’Rasan.

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