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Ejder Tanrısı Alanı


A monster who does not look like a human anymore and whom the people call as Dragon Lord today. He was Aravonurier Iradel’s most excellent warlord. He won every battle and war and deserved the highest award in the empire: the Scepter Piece. There was a belief that the Scepter Piece can control the female dragon lizard Sheba and her broods in the mountains by a magical ability. It was the warlord’s most important task in his life: climb the Mountain Tarba, kill Sheba and capture her broods. He knew that the Scepter Piece and the dragon lizards mean big power together. He went alone, his people can not escort him. After more weeks and challenging mountaineering, the warlord arrived to the entrance of the dragon lizard’s cave. He collected his power and entered the dark and stinking cave with two swords in his hands. It was a more hours fight but finally the warlord appeared in the entrance of the cave. He was bleeding from more wounds and dragging Sheba’s head after himself. He won! But this victory had a big price. After he returned, he noticed strange marks on himself. Sheba’s bites were not simple wounds, dark magic permeated his tortured body. The warlord’s body started to grow in spite of his adult age, his muscles increased to three times, his mind became disturbed. The broods were growing and became stronger day to day, the Scepter Piece did him a good service. The warlord knew well that more people would like to have the dragon lizards and the Scepter Piece. He had his own arena built to give chance for those who wanted to get his treasures. In the arena, he can meet his opponents face to face. From this time, every brave and experienced adventurer were able to get a dragon lizard and the Scepter Piece.

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