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Sahana knew that she should be the next magistrate which is the leader of the popular mage school in the city. People thought for some years that Sahana has the most chance to get this position after the old grandmaster Asudin’s death – which happened two days ago. Only man had this title so far. Maybe it is the time that it ends because everybody who is interested in the magic know who must be the next magistrate. But it was not so easy… The mage council did not want to hear about it, that a women will be the new leader. The most of them were man and now the aptitude, the knowledge and the worth do not matter. In the depth of the soul, everybody knew Sahana could be the most suitable new leader even so Nalkor would be the winner in the draw. The mage Nalkor stoond modestly and with timid smile, and everbody clapped him. Sahana was looking at her companions and the events with tart and derisive smile. She felt bitterness gathers in her soul and she will lose the contol. She went out to the fresh air and took some breath. She tried to do meditation to calm down herself.
‘It is the decision of the council, you have to accept it,’ a voice said it behind her. She know, Nalkor stand behind her back. The tension started to increased in her again but she was able to control it for now.
‘Yes, now it is. Probably it will happen in the future again and again,’ she turned and looked into the eyes of the mage. She endured the injustice now, but only now and never again.
‘I will not take part on the next comedy. It was already more than I wanted. I will not intervene in your work and will not prevent it. You can practise your title in safety,’ Sahana continued calmly than left the balcon and the council hall slowly.
Next day, Sahana left the city and the civilization in simple clothes and in secret. He took scrolls, pergaments and records with herself which she collected over the years. If she was looked at the hills, mountains and forests, she felt like she arrived home after a long time. She decided the nature will be her new home. She has to find only a place where she can live undisturbed. A frightened, loud scream was heard. Sahana – people called her witch – looked up suddenly, then started to run. Behind her, a huge gray wolf was running and shown by grumbling that it feels for its master’s anger and kills everybody who tries to stand them in their way.

Sahana did not care about the people in the last 15 years since she moved into the nature. Her home was the nature and her friends were the animals and the letters. The animals were her loyal companions, the letters looked at her from the pergaments which hides the Wisdom. This Wisdom was called magic by the simple people or if a witch used it then it was: curse. The people avoided this place where the witch reigned. So Sahana can live calmly here, she liked the loneliness and hated the unnecessary talk and the egoist, boastful people. But now it was inevitable to meet people. In the small glade, the bandits stood over a girl child. They wanted to have „fun” with her, and after she died, they wanted to leave her in the forest that the animals make the signs disappear. The witch was looking at them with detestation. They were drunk and the witch thought they are weak-spirited because they could draw strength only from the alcohol… The witch appeared to show herself and cause fear in the bandits’ heart. The bandits became frightened first then tried to defend. Sahana released the Wisdom and the bandits died with horrible suffering. They did not have time to shout. Sahana went to the girl and lifted her. Looked into her eyes and knew she is not late. She saw the ancient Wisdom in the eyes of the girl. This girl was worthy to receive what the witch knows. The witch wrapped her cape around the girl and brought her to the hut in the depth of the forest. She found her successor. Behind them, the animals which the gray wolf called there, started to make the corpses disappear. They knew for what the wolf asked from them is same as the witch told them.

Sahana was not happy. She tried everything. Now, with a weak and old body, on her death bed tried to find out what she did wrong. But she could not find the reason. She tried to do everything to teach her successor (the witch called her Alisa) but she failed. First the girl developed well and learnt quickly. But later the girl’s real nature showed. Maybe on that day when the bandits hurt her, the darkness moved to her soul. If it happened this way, then Sahana did not notice it. Alisa did not value the animals and the herbs in the forest. Sahana tried to explain that every creatures deserve the respect and the people have to value the nature and the creatures which live in it and they have soul same as the people. Alisa listened to the witch to the end always, then ran and started to rip off the flowers or burn the insects. It seemed Alisa hates the nature and the whole world, does not show mercy to anyone or anything. Sahana already knew she made mistake. But now she already is fond of Alisa so she tried to trust and believe in her. Alisa became a beautiful woman, but the pretty body hid an evil soul. The witch will die soon and did not know what will be with her favourit creatures. She did not know what Alisa will do if she will be alone. Alisa enjoyed other’s suffering since she can remember. As she became older, she hurt bigger and bigger animals. First she hurt insects and smaller rodents, later bigger mammals and fishes, nowadays no animals are in safety. Sahana would be able to stop her, but now she has died.

Alisa did not understand why she liked to hurt the creatures. She felt it is wrong but she buried it in herself and only the revenge mattered. She did not know why she wants to take revenge but she felt unquenchable desire to cause more and more pain to who is happy and careless. The animals avoided her so it was more and more difficult to capture a prey. She decided to visit the people’s world. So beautiful to hear their screams and see their death. She can show her power to these sensitive and intelligent creatures and maybe she can get their respect and homage. She can be their leader. They will surrender to the WitchQueen soon!

The peasants lived near to the forest and the fishermen lived on the coast of the lake learnt they have to avoid the forest. They knew a witch dwell in the forest but they did not care about her, in excange she did not hurt them. But nowadays if somebody entered the forest, she or he died. Creatures from the underworld sorrunded the beautiful witch. Nobody knew why these demons serve the witch with loyalty. Maybe she reigned over them with the help of her magical abilities. For some months ago, the witch and her horde appeared among the people and started to terrorize the people. For some weeks, they attacked the tax collectors of the emperor and stole the money from them. Later one of the fisherman Fangar was killed ruthlessly by them. The inhabitants of the region decided they will ask for the help of a powerful force. Their messenger went to the imperial city to ask for help, even from the emperor. The emperor has to know what happen in this region and maybe he can help. The emperor sent a headhunter to solve the problem. The headhunter got a magical armor and a horse which was black as the night. An amulet was hanging on his neck to protect him against the curses. He thought the power of the amulet is enough to protect him… Alisa, the witch was the lady in the forest and practiced the black magic very well. She did not show mercy to anyone who questioned her power. On the next day, the peasants who worked on their fields listened to a loud, creepy whining, then a black horse dashed from the forest. It did not have rider and the farmer understood what happened and drew the ancient sign before us to defend them from the curse…

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