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Şeytan Mağaraları


First a strange vibration appeared at the foot of the rocky mountainside. It seemed, the air thickened and started to wave on the surface as the weak wind ruffles it. Then the gap which opened to the hell started to take shape in red color.

The demon lord stiffened for a moment waiting for the vibration to disappear. Then he shouted one and watched with pleasure that the hell’s servants with lower rank were running through the demonic gate to the unprotected and sunny surface. They were ignorant and silly creatures which lived for the destruction and carnage, their actions were managed by instincts or they did what they leaders said. The demon lord set them free and they took the opportunity to kill everybody and defeat everything which they met.

Foremost the fast hell hunds and demon wolves were running. Everybody can hear their howling from afar. The desire for destruction drove them, the promise of death gleamed in their red-glowing eyes. If they slowed down, then the bull-headed hell servants slapped them with a fiery whip to urge them to run faster and fight.

Meanwhile under the foot of demon lord, big sized demon snakes were gliding. They wormed noiselessly and went very fast, only the steel-hardness demon scales grated on the walls of the cave. On the surface, this noise will be sucked by the soft ground and vegetation. So snakes can pounce on the prey unexpectedly and without noise.

Above the snakes, giant scorpion demons walked. Their chitin armor which covered their body can defend them against almost every kind of physical attacks. First limbs ended with human-sized scissors which were able to crush the armors made by humans. Their tail attacked the prey as a huge lance, then the green-glowing poison kills the surviving opponent in moments.

Far ahead, storm demon went forward almost crossing the gate. There was a swirl around him as he is walking in a small tornado. He defeated his weaker opponent with thunderbolt which only paralyzed the stronger ones, then he ripped them into pieces with his gigant claw paws.

Near to the demon lord, there were his most strongest servants, the bone demons and the incubus demons which protected their lord. Bone demons did not have flesh but their bones were harder than the steel and were sorrunded by fire aura. Incubus demons had almost infinite vitality and were able to survive almost every kind of damage. If they can cause damage on their prey, they steal their power immedately and even the most stonger fighters collapses before the feet of incubus demons. This skill came from hellish ancient magic.

Demon lord checked his servants again then he started to move too. He shouted one to let the creatures of the surface know that he arrived and prepared for the destruction. He knew that also another hordes have started to attack the unprotected world with the leadership of demon leaders, demon lords and demon princes.

The people say the Demon Catacombs are the place of origin of the demonic creatures.

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