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Day of Breakdown & its Antecedents

25th day before the breadown

Hardanal, the commander of the First Emperial Legion awakened from his nightmare. He was lying on the edge of the Dragon Field which was covered by corpses. He was alive but he felt will not be for long. He could breathe hard, his lung was pierced, weakened and half-filled with blood. Around him, there were several truncated, scorched and tortured bodies of soldiers, legionaries and voluntaries. There were many massacred demon body among them. Hardanal estimated he was lying here for two days. He was not able to move his body, he did not know how many and how serious injuries he has. Only his mind remained intact and vigilant if he did not have nightmare. Sometimes the general was lying on the ground unconsciously, sometimes he was able to remember the battle.

His lips were very dry, he knew if he do not tend of his injuries then he will die of the dehydration. He tried to turn his head to look round. He heard terrible and disgusting noises, the demons feasted from the defeated opponents’ bodies. Breaking of the bones, disruption of the flesh and skin. He was not angry now, he made peace with his destiny. He knew he and his soldiers, the city and the inhabitants did everything what they could. But simply they did not have a chance. The creatures overcame all obstacles, burned everything and hunted down everybody. They did not give a chance for the humans.

‘How long will be anybody able to survive? Who has a chance to survive the destruction of the horde?’ asked the general from himself. He knew it is the end. The most fortified city has fallen. Nobody is a safe anymore, nobody can protect the weak, the women, the children and the old ones. Everbody who could take and use the weapons were lying here dead. The empire and the humanity came to an end.

While Hardanal was thinking, he heard a noise from an another direction. He tried to turn there. A three meters tall demon was watching him with interest. They were looking each other for one minute, then the demon lifted its leg and stepped on Hardanal’s chest. His ribs broke, his heart beat one more then the last general of the imperial armies closed his eyes forever.

11th day before the breakdown

The former legionary Aldagor was hiding in the thick undergrowth and watching that the last building of the small settlement burns down. He knew all resistance came to an end, the demons killed all of the defenders. He felt himself very lonely and unprotected. He knew he has only one chance: he has to reach the ocean, get a ship and leave the cursed continent Arasina. He had already known it when the united legions lost the battle on the Dragon Field. He was saved miraculously, he was one of the survivors. He lost his comrade or left them. He can move faster by himself. In the last few days, he lost all of his acquaintances and all settlements fell which he knew. His last chance was the ocean.

Aldagor turned carefully and noiseless to crawl to the opposite trees. He heard noise suddenly from his right side. He pulled his sword quickly and swinged the sword to the direction of the noise. Metallic sound was heard as the blade slipped on the steely scale of the demon snake. The snake ascended his body and attacked him. Aldagor looked at the forked tongue of the demon snake then the darkness swallowed him.

The day of the breakdown

Captain Urkathe was watching the harbor which they left behind. He thought his ship is the last which leaves this cursed region. The three huge empires fell ealier, everbody was responsible only for himself or herself. The captain had had enough of the continuous standby, battle, blood, sweat and tears. They fought at the docks for weeks. They collected every usable equipment and food, then several refugees crowded to the lower deck. The ones who was able to fight, got armour and weapon. Everybody was necessary who knew something about the handling of weapons. But there was only a few people like this, the most of them were killed in the continuous battles.

Many ships left the coast. Their destination was the imperial city called Zorandor on continent Anathen. People said the hellish creatures did not occupy it so it should be safe. Certainly, the most of them will not survive the more months long journey on the open ocean. Some ship will sink because of the overloading. Some will not have enough food. On some ship, people will debate and fight each other. The most people can not tolerate the stress. But it is the only chance, they have to try to survive it. Urkathe believed in that he and his ship will be one of the lucky survivors. If they arrived, maybe everything will take a turn for the better. Reliable and heavy-duty ship and well-trained crew are necessary everywhere and everytime.

Urkathe was looking at the coast once again which was full with monsters, then he gave a sigh and went to the wheel to take over the navigation of the ship. He would like to sail to the new life and hope. He thought sadly about what was his life so far and what he left behind will turn into a distant dream and nothing human remained there. Continent Arasina became the new home of the hellish creatures.

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