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This Warrior uses mainly short/medium ranged skills instead of close combat, builds on the defence and skill damage. Usually, Mental can defeat any number monster, only its level or under it.


In PvP, Mental can get a little advantage against its Body Class, but against the running mages (attacking shaman, mage) it is not too effective.

Good to know

Its skills are not always successful, but it has two paralyzing skills, one of them paralises with 100% chance!


Most important status are VIT and STR, rate is 1:2 or 2:1, but lots of VIT is recommended. The losts of VIT and Strong Body are typical of Mental Warriors, that the simple hits and sometimes the skills cause damage on it hardly, but these Warriors attack weaker in exchange. It can happen on small level that two Mental Warriors can not be defeat each other in a duel.

It use skills in PvP mainly so its weapons are two-handed weapons usually. These weapons grant slowly fight, but give some extra power.


Stump and Sword Strike cause Blackout, the chance increases with the points. Every Warrior need it to fight against a long range combat character which is running.

Strong Body is the only skill which is not attacking. It grants extra defence against physical attack. It does not protect against the magic!

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Recommended for players who have little time and has character under level 65-70.

Close combat character, lots of player use it. At the beginning, this character type can level up fast.


It will be weaker over lvl 60-70 in PvP, but with good equipments and skills it can be a great character against lots of another character.

Good to know

It is great to be a second-character because the farming is easy with it on low/medium level. It is great to get Horse Medal on lvl 20 with good equipments.

Its skills lose the target easy, but paralysis and another "solution" provide from 2009 that the close combat can be possible.


VIT and STR is needed for the Warrior mainly (usually the rate is 1:2). Then: INT grants a little magic defence and SP, DEX incrases the defence, the evasion and the damage.


Aura of Sword increases the power of every attack and skills significantly. Berserk increases the speed of running and hits for a while, but your defence will decrease. It is important in PvP, and it is good to level up at the beginning. It is recommended with Aura. If its level is M or G, it can be unuseable because it decreases the defence too.

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It can level up with difficulty, but useful in a war.


VIT and DEX are the most important status, if there are maximum then STR can come. So we can have good defence and damage. Till DEX is not full, let VIT be few. VIT is necessary only to have enough SP in a duel.


Fire Arrow is trendy, but the successful ninjas start with Poison Arrow. The damage is a bit lower, but it is useful because of paralysis, the knocking over and the increasing poison chance. Then can come the Fire Arrow and Repetitive Shot, the Arrow Shower is not too popular. Feather Walk is useable only with lots of point and on level Master, but do not wait for fast running. It is good for stoling Yang. :) If you have good speed bonuses, then it is unnecessary, because the game can manage maximum 200 running speed.


The power of skills decrease with the distance significantly! Fire Arrow and Poison Arrow cause little damage to the place which are next to the target.

It is useable in PvP mainly, because of its archery nature. Sword is good weapon for it to level up, or arrow if it is in a group.

In close combat, it uses sword - if he has Combat Horse, it can develop easier. Dagger is unuseable at this character type.

Later it needs a second character to collect Yang. On high level, it is worth for huntering Boss with poison.

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At the beginning, it levels up slowly, later middling and use bow too. Its attack power and defence against skill are the most important in a PvP. It can lose the moving target in PvP easily, if it disturbs you then choose another character! It needs the most dexterity and timing from the player.


It is at a disadvantage against a dexterous mage. If the opponent runs away, then it can catch it only if it runs before the character and use WASD-block.

Role in a group

They can collect the monsters with their bow, so they are popular in a party. If it has lots of DEX, it can use bow and dagger too - but it has skills only to one of them.


Its weapon are the dagger (from lvl 25 at all events). Dagger hits twice more during same time, because two daggers are in the hand of character. Skills belong to the dagger too.

It has one disadvantage: if it does not use skills by dagger which level is under 65, it can not defeat a character which is equal with it.


VIT (vitality): Important for Ninja all against monsters and all against players. It gives HP and defence.

INT (concentration): Unnecessary. May you can increases it with 10 points, it grants only more SP.

STR (attack power): Secondary. It makes the Ambush skill stronger.

DEX (dexterity): Primary. On low level, it is not worth much, but later it is useful. It makes the skills (except the Ambush) stronger and increases the defence, the attack and the evasion.


VIT:DEX 1:2, if DEX is full, then: VIT:STR 2:1 (recommended)

At the beginning, it is weak and use mainly sword till level 25. Main skills are: Rolling Dagger (it can hit three times), and Ambush, Fast attack. Poisonous Cloud is good for killing Boss or forth PvP-skill.

Evasion works not normal here. If it has 90 DEX, then the attack of enemy will decrease about with 30%, so it gets less damage. It works against magic.


With enough HP bonus, Ambush and Rolling Dagger, it may will the "best Ninja". At the beginning, it can defeat few monster. It has more chance to win in a skill-sequence, but it is in a trouble if it does not succeed.

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Character for close combat, first-class for PvM, for peaceful players. From about lvl 40 it starts to level up quickly, from lvl 60-70 it can develop very well when the Warriors are not worth much.


Under lvl 50-60, it is not too bad against anothers (mainly with good defence), but on its level it is not too good - it is good against a group of small characters. On higher level, it can be good group member, its Dispell skill is useful in a guild war. If you choose a sword for it, then follow with attention that the magic or the physically strong is more useful for it. (Enchanted Blade makes the physically damage stronger!)


There is two way.

VIT is needed for the close combat. INT is primary because it increases the SP and the magic power (every skill, except the Fear) too. STR is not important, at the beginning it can help, but later the skills will be weak because of the few INT and SP.

VIT and INT rate: 1:2, STR is not recommended for the beginners.

If VIT and INT are full, then STR can come which gives extra attack power (against Meteor Stones it is better) and DEX decreases the damage more.


Enchanted Blade makes the attack stronger, uses up SP constantly, but it is switchable (it is cut off itself with time), INT increases its power. One part of damage which comes from this skill increases the HP! (Bugs here: does not give correct value, does not work in PvP, the bonus cuts off but the skill is active yet.)

Finger Strike is a magical hit, affects a region, cooldowns quickly, it can become strong. It can lose a moving target easily, but if somebody is practiced, it can be deadly. It can get through the enemy's armor.

Dragon Swirl is a tornado-like attack, push away the enemy, it is good to break out of the circle of enemies. It has less damage than the Warrior with a similar skill (Sword Spin).

The three skills above are important, Blade is useful anywhere, the Finger Strike in PvP, Swirl in PvM.

Fear: It decreases the enemy's damage. It is independent of INT, so the VIT is full, then it can defeat several monster mass on its level.

Enchented Armor: It grants defence and reflects partial physical damage.

Dispell: Useful only in PvP. Removes all buffs and supporting skills from enemy (except Flame Spirit). Dispell remains on the victim for 10-15 second and until the victim can not get more buff. It can attack on multiple targets in skill radius.

Horse build

If you would like to fight on horse, then develop your Fear, Enchanted Blade and Enchanted Armor. So you will be good against the monsters. It is useful in a group fight (e.g: guild war). At the beginning, it need lots of VIT by Fear, then INT to the Enchented Blade, if they are full, DEX comes and grants evasion, attack and defence and STR gives more attack power.

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It has fearful power, it can defeat almost anybody (Weaponry PETRUN, Blade Ninja and Warrior) on its level. It is the best in PvP (one vs one). On higher level, Archery Ninja and some Shaman can be heavy enemy for it. It has one bigger and one less disadvantage: it is hard to level up and farm with it and it needs lots of Blue potion in a PvP. Strong Body (skill of Mental Warrior) is not useful against magic. There are cases when it is a big trouble... (see at the skills)


VIT and INT are the most important. Rate is 1:2 usually. Then DEX can come which makes the skills, the defence and the evasion stronger. STR is not worth much here.


It is a mage despite of the sword! If we choose weapon for it, attend to its magical value!


Flame Spirit: Warriors hate it, it is the best skill of the game in PvP. It is switchable. It has own life, it chooses a taget per 3 second and hit one on it, in that case too if you are blocked or hitted. Make a PvP only far from the monsters because this skill attacks mainly them, and try to find a place where only you and your opponent are. On a horse, it can not cause damage!

Dark Orb cooldowns slowly, but it can hit very strong so it is useful mainly in PvP or guild war. It causes damage for one opponent.

Flame Strike is useful in PvP and attacks on multiple targets.

Spirit Strikehas long range, attacks on multiple targets within skill radius and can slow down the opponents. It can cause damage and slow for more characters/monsters at a time.

Dark Strike cooldowns quickly, has medium power and range. It can cause only for one opponent.

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  • The power of Shamans will appears on higher level.
  • INT is the most important here. VIT:INT = 1:2. If you have equipments with HP and much defence, then this rate can be 1:3.
  • Dragon Strength skill is useful because it gives critical hit.


  • First skill: Dragon Roar
  • Second and third skill will be the Blessing or Dragon Strength. We can decide on the bases of our equipments. If we have defence and HP, then choose Dragon Strength to increase the attack. If the defence is little, then the Blessing will be the second to decrease the damage which you get.
  • Forth skill will be Shooting Dragon or Reflect. If you would like to develop on horse then the attacking skills are almost unnecessary. Reflect is useable in PvM, Shooting skill is useful in developing on the ground.
  • If the forth skill was the Reflect and the character was good in PvM, then the fifth skill will be the Shooting Dragon skill. If the Shooting was the fourth, then Flying Talisman will be the fifth and the character will be good in PvP and war.



  • For PvP and level up on ground: Fan
  • For developing on horse: only Bell
  • Stone of Deathblow can increases its Critical Hit so it is worth to put into the weapon
  • It is useful if you have a farm character at the beginning.
  • If you have equipments with lots of HP, then VIT can be the third. For example the rate can be: 1:3 (30 VIT : 90 INT). DEX is useable in PvP, but if the HP is not enough, it will not be good later (level up will be difficult).

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It is the most versatile character in the game both as a support character and as a PvP and PvM character. You can use it for more function at a time. Attack, help, keep another alive, kill the dangerous elements from safe distance etc.

Do not search the best reasons to build this character. There are more possibilities to create a good Shaman character. You have to love it and identify with it and see what is good for you and for your character.


Its magical skills depend on INT and a bit DEX, follow the target and do not depend on the location of the mage, so the victim can not run from it.

  • Lightning Throw (7 sec): Medium range, attack on multiple targets within skill radius. It cooldowns fast and its fire-power is high.
  • Summon Lighting (15 sec): Medium range, with Blackout chance, attack on multiple targets. The most important skill for all Healing Shaman to develop.
  • Swiftness (10 sec): Increases moving speed and casting speed. Its value is fix, do not depend on the weapon and stat points. Healing Shaman has skills with small damage but they cooldown fast. If we increase the casting speed, the cooldown time will decrease.
  • Cure (10 sec): Restores HP, chance to cure negative effects, usable on ourselves and on another player too. It decreases the Slowing and Poison. It does not affect the Dispell skill of PETRUN.
  • Lighting Claw (10 sec): Long range, chain reaction attack. It can be the fifth skill.
  • Attack UP: Increases attack power, usable on another player too.


The 4 most important skill: Lightning Throw, Summon Lightning, Cure and Swiftness.


VIT and DEX make the skills of Healing Shaman stronger. It has only magical attack, its skills follow the target, have low damage, so moving speed and casting speed is very important for it and the polymorph in PvM.


Stats: full INT, full VIT, then DEX (VIT for PvM, DEX for PvP).

Important to be good defence and more HP bonus. HP Regeneration and Blackout Chance can be useful too. Transform into a monster to develop and kill Boss so Polymorph skill will be on P level.

You can create a DEX:VIT hybrid. It can useful against some monsters but it depends on the resistance, damage and number of monsters.

Bosses and Meteor Stones

In equipments: Average Damage, HP bonus, Poison Chance. Use Green Potion, maybe another Potion and Drews. Using Polymorh Marble is useful. You will need Dragon Shaman to give buff.

To collect Yang, you should kill Bosses and Meteor Stones.


Stats: full INT, full DEX, then VIT

Equipment: Skill Damage, Stone of Cooldown, Stone of Haste.

Try to get more resistance, defence is not too important. Useable bonuses: power against half-human, HP regeneration, HP bonus, resistance bonuses.

In fight, useful can be: HP regeneration. It increases the speed of HP regenereation if we are standing. At Healing Shaman it is important that we activate the skills in correct time and correct distance.


Two Healing Shamans can be very strong together, they are twice as strong. You know the another character very well, and when the one of them is killing the monsters in transformed form, until the another can protect and cure it, increases its speed.

Skills of Healing Shaman cooldown fast and affect far. You can collect lots of monsters and defeat them while you are kiting.

It is worth to practice the using of skills during dismounting. If we can use the mount/dismount and the skills fast, then it can be easy (use hotkeys).

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